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    accutane method (determination of virus fingerprints in smears) - Serological methods: RSK, RTGA, RN - these methods are highly sensitive and specific, but laborious and time-consuming (waiting for the result reaches 3-7 days)
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    All these methods are aimed at detecting the pathogen and specific antibodies (except for virological - in this case, only the pathogen is detected). Treatment of adenovirus infection.
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    Etiotropic therapy (antiviral). Often, at the first symptoms of a cold, people do not turn to specialists, but self-medicate. In this case, the choice of drugs should fall on broad-spectrum virocidal drugs, which are acceptable for use at an early age. For treatment, the doctor may prescribe:
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    Recommendations are given in accordance with modern research (2017) and doctors who wish to criticize the proposed treatment are asked to first improve their qualifications in this matter. You will find a lot of interesting things for yourself, and most importantly, you will become more effective in treating patients.
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Immunomodulators - IF (interferon, sold in a pharmacy, in ampoules - the contents are diluted with warm water before dividing, drawn into a pipette and dripped into the nasopharynx, trying to hit the back of the pharynx).
In case of a runny nose, first you need to rinse with a warm weak saline solution or an analogue to it Aqua-Maris. After that, Pinosol or Xilen can be used to relieve swelling of the mucous membrane and as an antiseptic drug (very effective for severe edema, but addictive).